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Readers' Choice: Favorite Special-Needs Twitter Feed

Meet the 2013 Finalists


Twitter has become a useful way for parents of children with special needs to share links, spread news, rally around causes, and support one another. The five finalists for Favorite Special-Needs Twitter Feed for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards Tweet on inclusion, disability issues, autism, and special-needs sports. They're worthy additions to your follow list.

2013 Readers' Choice Award Winner: @think_inclusive

Tim Villegas of Think Inclusive
Photo courtesy of Tim Villegas

Twitter Handle: @think_inclusive
Name: Tim Villegas
Stats as of 2/19/13: 6,565 Tweets | 1,012 Followers
Related Resources: Website | Facebook | Google+
Percentage of the Vote: 49%
Read more about @think_inclusive.

Runner-Up: @D_ResourceDiva

Disability Resource Diva
Logo courtesy of Disability Resource Diva

Twitter Handle: @D_ResourceDiva
Name: Disability Resource Diva
Stats as of 2/19/13: 4,046 Tweets | 778 Followers
Related Resources: Facebook
Percentage of the Vote: 46%
Read more about @D_ResourceDiva.

Finalist: @sportdisability

Image courtesy of JB

Twitter Handle: @sportdisability
Name: JB
Stats as of 2/19/13: 395 Tweets | 120 Followers
Related Resources: Website | Pinterest
Read more about @sportdisability.

Finalist: @Mom2Rebels

Mom 2 Rebels
Image courtesy of Heather Clark

Twitter Handle: @Mom2Rebels
Name: Heather Clark
Stats as of 2/19/13: 3,181 Tweets | 917 Followers
Related Resources: Blog | Facebook | Pinterest
Read more about @Mom2Rebels.

Finalist: @disabilityscoop

Readers' Choice Awards Logo

Twitter Handle: @disabilityscoop
Name: Disability Scoop
Stats as of 2/19/13: 1,881 Tweets | 15,962 Followers
Related Resources: Website | Facebook | Google+
Read more about @disabilityscoop.
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