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How Well Do You Know Your Child's School?

Test your school information IQ


Boy in School Hallway
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What's the name of your child's principal? Would you recognize your child's teacher to say "hi" if you saw her in the grocery store? Could you find your child's classroom without a guide? If your child's school is just someplace at the end of a bus route, and the personnel there just voices on the phone when there's trouble, consider the advantages of upping your school IQ. Teachers may be more willing to work with you if they know who you are; administrators may deal less harshly with your child if they've seen you in the building; information may be more forthcoming if you know the secretary or the nurse or the counselor. To be an effective advocate for your child, you need to know the place and the players. Take a pop quiz to see how in-the-know you are already.

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