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Making a Paper-Bag Book Cover


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Step 1: Cut Open a Brown Paper Bag
Making a Paper-Bag Book Cover - Step 1 - Cut the Bag
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When making a paper-bag book cover, the first step is to cut open a brown paper shopping bag, the kind you get at the grocery store. Start by cutting down one corner, from top to bottom, and then cut around three sides of the bottom flap. Open the bag up and flatten it out on the table. You should have a large rectangle with the small rectangle of the bag bottom hanging off one end.

Tip: For kids with special needs, the fine-motor, sequencing, and custom-fitting demands of this project may be a lot to take on. That means moms and dads will likely have the homework assignment of book-covering to do themselves. However, your child can help with things like flattening down the folds, centering the book, and wrapping the front and back covers. Plus, of course, decorating the cover with stickers or drawings at the end.

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