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Sensory Integration Tools and Toys

Catalog shopping for therapeutic fun


If you have a child with sensory integration problems, there's a whole world of catalogs out there that offer more appropriate playthings than you'll find at your local toy store. Whether you're looking for something big like a ball pit or weighted blanket, or something small like a vibrating stuffed animal or a pleasing pencil grip, here's where to shop.

Equipment Big and Small

These sites, aimed at occupational therapists, include big pieces of OT equipment and small items for use in therapy for a wide range of sensory needs; while some products may be more suited to a school's budget than a parent's, others are affordable and all offer good ideas and interesting browsing.

Learning and Therapy Aids

From writing utensils to fidget toys, fine motor to oral motor, these sites offer smaller therapy tools and learning aids.

Apparel and Weighted Items

Whether you're seeking seamless socks for a tactile sensitive child or a weighted vest for a child with proprioceptive issues, here's where to find SI-geared clothing and blankets.
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