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Sensory Integration News 2011


Sensory Integration News 2011

In February of 2011, I blogged about a children's book and a blog network on sensory integration, as well as Oprah's cluelessness on the topic; in May, I shared a reader's story of a button that silenced judgmental churchgoers. Other sensory-integration-related stories featured in Today's News and Views in 2011 came from the following sites and blogs:

Both Hands and a Flashlight
+ Proprioception and Calming Techniques

Everyday deMilo
+ The Red Cross Doesn't Have Trampolines

In Particular
+ Oprah and SPD

+ A Review: Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms
+ Be Sensory Aware During a Counseling Visit
+ 5 Ways to Use Wrapping Paper for Sensory Diets
+ Showering as a Sensory Tool
+ 10 Ways to Curb 'The Runner' in an SPD/ADHD Child
+ Wearing SPD Lenses: New Uses for Your Old Fly Swatter

Support for Special Needs
+ Every Motor Event is a Sensory Event First
+ Supporting your Sensory Child through Spring Break

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
+ What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

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