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School and Special Education: Getting the Best Educational Experience

We all want our children to reach their maximum potential -- but sometimes it seems like we have to fight with the schools every step of the way. Whether your child is in inclusion or a self-contained class, in a special school or homeschooled, here's how to be an effective advocate and make the most of your child's educational opportunities.
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Education FAQ for Special Needs
Children with special needs can face many issues in getting a free and appropriate education. Some may need special education services, while others may need modifications to make school accessible or medical assistance to make it safe. For some students, struggles with learning or behavior require special management to avoid school disruption....

Special Education Basics
If you're baffled by all the terminology thrown around in meetings and paperwork regarding your child's special education, these articles, definitions and quizzes will help you study up.

Preparing the School for Your Child with Special Needs
The best way to make sure that teachers have all the information and resources they need to work with your child is to provide those things yourself. Here are suggestions, tips and fact sheets on a variety of special needs you can copy, rewrite, print out, and send in to give your child and his or her teacher the best chance at success.

Five Ways to Stop School Behavior Problems
School behavior problems may start small, but they're a sign that something is not working for your child. Here are five ways to fix them before they get out of control.

Special-Education Transitions: From Preschool Through Adulthood
Like all other students in the school system, children with special needs go through major transitions as they enter preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and graduation into adulthood. For young people in special-education programs, however, these transitions aren't a simple step up to the next rung on the educational ladder. They involve a great deal of thoughtful planning.

Books on Special-Needs Education
An index of books dealing with education issues for students with special needs, including IEPs, accommodations, and inclusion.

25 Ways to Make This the Best School Year Ever
Parents of children with special needs have a bigger influence than most in how their students make it through the school year. Here are 25 suggestions for making this the best year ever -- through organization, through advocacy, through guile and charm and bribery.

School Survival Kit
107 ways to make school days smoother, from homework techniques to head-lice remedies, social-skills secrets to behavior boosters, stress relievers and sweet respite.

What Is Special Education?
"Special Education" refers to services given to students with disabilities through the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, better known as IDEA.

What Other School Help Is Available for Students with Special Needs
Not all students with special needs will require Special Education. Some may benefit from a 504 plan, or just a sharing of information with the teacher.

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