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Special-Education Transitions

Stepping Stones From Age 3 Through 21


Like all other students in the school system, children with special needs go through major transitions as they enter preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and graduation into adulthood.

For young people in special-education programs, however, these transitions aren't a simple step up to the next rung on the educational ladder. They involve a great deal of thought, planning, evaluating, researching, meeting, discussing, and sometimes arguing. Parents need to work with their school district's planning teams to make sure that these students have the services and supports required to make those transitions safe and successful.

Knowing what the issues are as you face each of these transitions with your child, and doing your own homework to be an informed and involved member of the team, will help you be a strong and effective advocate for your student. Look for a link below that describes a transition you're facing now, or read all four to know what's coming your way.

Transition: Early Intervention to Special-Education Pre-K

Transition: Special-Education Pre-K to Kindergarten

Transition: Elementary School to Secondary School

Transition: High School to Adulthood

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