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Want to spy on your child? Work at the school library

It's the closest thing to being a fly on the wall


So you'd like to see what goes on in your child's classroom, but you know that showing up there as an observer would be so disruptive to your child that you'd never get an accurate picture? Try volunteering to work in the school library. Many librarians allow parent volunteers to work while their children's class is visiting, and from your perch behind the checkout desk or a hiding place deep in the shelves, you may be able to hear how your child interacts with others, how teachers interact with your child, how responsive your child is to questions or assignments, and gain some useful insights. You may also overhear gossip, hallway confrontations, and other items of "intelligence," and have an opportunity to observe teachers your child may (or may not want to) have in the future. Working in the library does require an investment of during-the-day time, which can be a problem for working parents; but if you can arrange to even work one or two sessions a month, it can pay off in contacts and inside information.
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