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March 2008 in Special-Needs News

Food allergies on The Apprentice, and more stories that had us talking


People in the Special-Needs News - March 2008

Photos, clockwise from right: Trace Adkins (Rob Loud/Getty Images), Jenny McCarthy (Ethan Miller/Getty Images), and Marlee Matlin (Mark Mainz/Getty Images).

Text and photo collage by Terri Mauro

Country singer Trace Adkins, whose daughter has severe food allergies, made it to the finals of Celebrity Apprentice, with the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network standing to gain $250,000 if he won. It didn't quite work out that way, with Adkins losing in the end to reality-show host Piers Morgan. But proceeds from iTunes downloads of the song he performed on the finale, "You're Gonna Miss This," went to the charity for a week or so after the loss. ... In other March news, Jenny McCarthy called on parents and autism groups to join her in demanding the resignation of the director of the CDC "for incompetence during the autism epidemic"; the Poling family went on Larry King Live to discuss the Vaccine Court decision that vaccines caused their daughter's autism symptoms; deaf actress Marlee Matlin began her appearance on Dancing With the Stars; and malicious hackers invaded an online epilepsy forum, creating flashing images that caused seizures.

Most Commented On: A post regarding a video on special-education outrages brought five comments, some adding to the list of sad sayings, others presenting a more positive picture. Wrote Cyndie: "Parents are essential players for supporting a child with special needs in any education setting. Key players for the child need to work together and be child-focused. Not all special educators are ignorant. I would like to see a blog that supports good special educators and not assume the negative."

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