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Take a Look at Your Child's Learning Environment


Take a Look at Your Child's Learning Environment

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8. Do you repeat, repeat, repeat?

Play the same games and sing the same song over and over again. Your child will soon learn to anticipate your words and gestures. At around six months, your child may acquire a favorite book. Although reading the same book four times in one morning (at your child's request) may be tiring for you, the repetition will reinforce her learning. Reading the same words over and over will help her learn to make connections between the words she hears and the pictures she sees. A child must hear a word many times and understand its meaning before she will express it.

9. Do you recognize and create learning opportunities?

Visiting a zoo, a hands-on museum, or an aquarium will provide your child with wonderful opportunities to learn about the world. However, these are not usually everyday excursions. Therefore, it's very important to learn to recognize the hundreds of opportunities that exist all around you every day to enhance your child's speech and language learning. Speech and language learning are not activities that you set time aside for each day; instead, they happen all day long as you simply, but attentively, talk with your child while you go about your daily life.

[Excerpted from "Teach Me How to Say It Right: Helping Your Child with Articulation Problems" by Dorothy P. Dougherty, MA, CCC-SLP. (Published by New Harbinger Publications, Inc.; 1-57224-403-8. Copyright © 2005 by Dorothy P. Dougherty.)]

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