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Five Familiar Games for Sneaky Speech Therapy

#1: "I Went to ..."


You know, it's the one where you:

Recite a long list of items and then add one, alphabetically, for the next player to remember.

Like this:

"I went to the zoo and I saw an anteater, a bear, a crocodile, a deer, an elephant and ... a ferret!"

Sneakily strengthens:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Memory

Five ways to tweak it:

  1. To focus on vocabulary, do the reciting yourself and just have your child add a word each time.

  2. To focus on memory, have the child recite the long string of items while you provide the next selection.

  3. To focus on phonics, have the destination and every one of the items endlessly added all start with the same sound: "I went to Kansas and I brought candy, Christmas cards, kittens, catalogs ..."

  4. To focus on articulation, pick a sound to target and then make the destination and every one of the items endlessly added all start with that sound: "I went to the supermarket, and I bought soda, celery, sandwiches, steak, strawberries ..."

  5. To focus on alphabet, change the destination each round and come up with a place and three items that start with the same letter; next player has to come up with the same for the next letter: "I went to Alaska and brought an ax, an atlas and an anteater." "I went to Boston and I brought books, bottles and band-aids." "I went to Cancun and I brought carrots, cupcakes and cola."

#2: I Spy
#3: Twenty Questions
#4: Tongue Twisters
#5: Silly Songs

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