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News stories of interest to parents of children with spina bifida, from the Parenting Special Needs blog and news sources around the Web. For the latest news, go to the Today's News folder.

Special Needs Tackled on Call the Midwife
Different Dream looks at the birth of a child with spina bifida on the BBC series.

An Easy Spina Bifida Awareness Project
From Spina Bifida Kids, a letter to send during Spina Bifida Awareness Month. (10/10/11)

Prenatal Surgery Shows Promise For Spina Bifida
From Disability Scoop: "Researchers found for the first time that children with spina bifida are more likely to walk and less likely to have neurological difficulties when surgery is done in the womb rather than after birth." (2/10/11)

Spina Bifida Awareness Month
From 5 Minutes for Special Needs: "Are you doing anything to commemorate Spina Bifida Awareness Month or do you know someone who is? Writing a special post on your blog? Putting the ribbon on your Facebook profile? Showing off your beautiful child?" (10/4/10)

Learn More About Brock Waidmann, Soon to Star in "The Paul Reiser Show"
Last month, I wrote about Brock Waidmann, the young wheelchair user who will be portraying Paul Reiser's son in an NBC sitcom this fall. There's a great interview with Brock on WHEELCHAIR, in which he talks with writer Gene Emmer about the show, his experience with spina bifida and agenesis of the corpus collosum, and how he won the role. (6/10/10)

From Spina Bifida Kids: "It is very important to do all the usual and fun planning before your baby comes--- do not, I repeat do not skimp on any of the experiences of having a baby." (3/24/10)

Spina Bifida Paralympian Competing for the Gold
From BrainandSpinalCord.Org: "A doctor told Adam Page's father that his son would never walk and that he would likely be blind and possibly retarded. Page was born with spina bifida; his spinal cord was growing outside of his body. Luckily, Page defied the doctor's assumptions and he is already competing for the U.S. team in ice sledge hockey in the Vancouver, BC Paralympics." (3/17/10)

Teenager with spina bifida named 'best brave child'
From BBC News: "Despite undergoing 35 operations, the charity's judges said Miss Bewley charmed everyone with her 'stunning smile and sunny personality.'" (10/27/08)

Kids with spina bifida benefit from new procedure
Seven children and teens with spina bifida have better bladder function thanks to a new procedure. (4/5/06)

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