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Dressing for Thanksgiving

Tips for Children Who Don't Do Dress-Up


Thanksgiving is a day when you want to show off your family at its best-dressed, but your child may have other ideas. Don't let getting your daughter into a pretty dress or your son into a shirt and tie put a damper on the day before it's even begun. Let your child pick the duds, and you provide the trimming with one of these easy ideas.
  • Hang a drawing of a turkey, pilgrim hat, or other Thanksgiving design around your child's neck on a piece of brown yarn.

  • String some fat beads or colored noodles on a piece of yarn in Indian corn colors and let your child wear it as a necklace or bracelet.

  • Paint a Thanksgiving design on your child's cheek or hand.

  • Stick a feather into a ponytail or braid, or pin it to the back of a sweatshirt hood.

  • Use fabric paints to decorate plain sweats or a t-shirt with leaves, turkeys, candy corn, or other Thanksgiving motifs.

  • Depending on what your child will tolerate, use glittery nail polish, face glitter, or a little spray-in hair color to gussy-up a plain outfit.

  • Re-lace your child's shoes with some special Thanksgiving-colored or -themed shoelaces.

  • Thanksgiving-colored or -themed socks are another fun, small way to play Turkey Day dress-up.

  • Find a cute, lightweight Thanksgiving pin to affix to whatever odd or comfy garment your child will agree to wear.

  • If all else fails, just relax and be thankful that your child agrees to wear clothes at all.
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