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Visiting a Theme Park With Your Special-Needs Child

Amusement parks may be amusing for typically developing children, but for children with special needs, they can be full of unpleasant surprises -- loud noises, unexpected movements, heat, crowds, allergy-unfriendly foods. Here are some ideas on making your theme-park visit a dream and not a nightmare.

Disney Trips With Sensory Processing Precautions
In an excerpt from The Sensory Processing Disorder Answer Book, an occupational therapist shares tips on keeping your child from sensory overload at Disney theme parks.

Preventing a Mickey Mouse Meltdown
Five tips I've picked up over a half-dozen or so trips to Disney parks with my own special-needs kids. Read the comments to this blog post for great tips from other parents, then share your own.

What Are Your Disney Special-Needs Strategies?
Picked up some great tips and tricks? Share them here.

In the Forum: Trip to Disneyland
A reader responds to an article on Disney-trip survival strategies with some additional suggestions.

Teri's Disney Travelers' Disability FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about special passes, guest services, wheelchair rentals, and more.

Tips for Staying Allergen-Friendly at Theme Parks
Expert advice from the Foods Coordinator at Story Land children's theme park in Glen, NH. (8/3/08)

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