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Therapies: Learn More About How They Help Your Child

You may fight to get your child therapy in school, drive endless miles to reach therapists' offices, perform therapeutic activities at home, or research the latest cutting-edge techniques -- but do you really know what those therapies do, how people become qualified to do them, how they're supposed to help and how quickly? Get the information you need to make good choices.
  1. Home-Based Therapies (15)
  2. Occupational Therapy (24)
  3. Physical Therapy (19)
  4. Speech Therapy (32)

Sensory Integration Tools and Toys
Listing of catalogs that offer products for physical, occupational, and sensory integration therapy, many of which can be used at home.

Do a Therapy Check-Up
Are you happy with your child's therapy? Every now and then it's useful to do a Therapy Check-Up to see what needs to be changed and why.

Before You Pick a Therapist
There's more to picking a therapist for a child with special needs than finding the person of greatest repute. You'll also want to think about things like how far you'll drive, how much you'll pay, and how well you'll be listened to. Learn more about the five factors you should consider before choosing a therapist for your child.

What Are Motor Skills?
An explanation of the term "motor," with links to more information.

Book Excerpts: Therapy
Intrigued by a book on speech or occupational therapy in the Harried Parent's Book Club? Read more about it through excerpts from the books below. For excerpts on other topics, go to the full index.

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