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Site of the Day: November 2012

Worthwhile Special-Needs Spots on the Web


Looking for somewhere good to surf? Stop by this Site of the Day listing for a daily destination of interest to parents of children with special needs. Listed here are the sites or pages featured each day in November 2012. For more sites, visit the index.

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1. November 2012 Calendar

Love Notes for Special Parents Calendar 2012 - November
Image and text by Terri Mauro
November starts today! Download your November calendar page.

2. Awareness and Advocacy Days for November

Find out what special-needs-related special events are scheduled for November, and add the ones I missed.

3. Fun Things to Do

Your weekend listing of sites and suggestions. ... More Fun Things

4. Weekly Round-Up

Make sure you didn't miss anything on the site this week. ... More Special-Needs News

5. Halloween Candy Buy Back

Since for those of us in New Jersey, the governor has declared today to be Halloween (observed), I'm going to say it's not too late for a Halloween Site of the Day. This one leads you to dentists who are "buying back" Halloween candy from kids. If it's too late to cash in where you are, bookmark it for next year.

6. Skills to Pay the Bills

The Department of Labor has a series of videos to help kids with special needs learn the "soft skills" they'll need in the workplace.

7. What's Your Connection?

"There are nearly 57 million individuals with disabilities in the United States, and they are all connected to the people around them in some way. They are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents, coworkers, neighbors and friends. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Disability.gov has created the "What's Your Connection?" initiative, a grassroots movement emphasizing the connections among all people."

8. Petition: Give Jenny Justice and Bring Her Home!

A Change.org petition offers a scary story of an adult with Down syndrome denied the right to live and work in her community, and gives you a way to do something about it.

9. Thinking Tools

Does your child benefit from graphic organizers? There are a whole bunch of cool interactive ones here on the Learning Curve site.

10. Fun Things to Do

Your weekend listing of sites and suggestions. ... More Fun Things

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