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Site of the Day: January 2012

Worthwhile Special-Needs Spots on the Web


Looking for somewhere good to surf? Stop by this Site of the Day listing for a daily destination of interest to parents of children with special needs. Listed here are the sites or pages featured each day in January 2012. For more sites, visit the index.

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1. Awareness and Advocacy Events for January

See what's being celebrated, remembered, and promoted this month in the world of special needs.
Go Directly to the Listing | Download a December 2011 Calendar

2. Too Creative Minds

Too Creative Minds is a West Saint Paul, Minnesota, organization that leads workshops designed "to enlighten Junior and Senior High students, teachers, school staff members, church youth leaders and families to have greater understanding of those with disabilities." | Read More About It | Visit the Site

3. Torn Security Blanket

A document from MetLife, "The Torn Security Blanket: Children and Adults with Special Needs and the Planning Gap," offers statistics of interest to caregivers of children with special needs, along with advice about financial planning. | Download the Document | More on Future Planning

4. School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act

Learn more about a proposed law to encourage elementary and secondary schools to have epinephrine on hand and allow school personnel to administer it when needed, even if the student's allergy has not been previously diagnosed. | Vist the Law's Page on GovTrack.us | Express Your Opinion | More on School and Food Allergies

5. Smart Classroom Management

Teacher Michael Linsin shares strategies for running a classroom in a way that helps all students succeed. | Visit the Site | Listen to an Interview With Michael Linsin

6. Fun Things to Do

Your weekend listing of sites and suggestions.
Read This Week's List | More Fun Things

7. Weekly Round-Up

Make sure you didn't miss anything on the site this week.
Read This Week's List | More Special-Needs News


The newest addition to the "Share Your Website" page, ASAH is "a not-for-profit organization of private schools and agencies in New Jersey which provide highly specialized services to more than 11,000 infants, children and young adults with disabilities." | Read More About It | Visit the Site

9. Harried Parent's Book Club

Looking for a book? Check my reviews to find the special-needs parenting resource you need. | Visit the Index

10. The Loud Hands Project

According to its fundraising page, "The Loud Hands Project is a transmedia publishing and creative effort by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, spearheaded by Julia Bascom. Currently, we are raising money towards the creation of our first and foundational anthology (Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking) and accompanying website. Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking features submissions by Autistic authors speaking about neurodiversity, Autistic pride and culture, disability rights and resistance, and resilience (known collectively by the community as having loud hands)." Go to the project's Fundraising Page | Blog | Facebook Page | Twitter Page
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