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Toilet Training Children with Special Needs

Potty training any child can be a challenge, but children with special needs may have particular issues that make toileting difficult and training overwhelming. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether your child is ready for the regimen.

Before You Potty Train
Helping parents of children with special needs determine whether their child is really ready to use the toilet.

The "No Pants" Potty Training Method
Step-by-step description of a potty training method suited to children with special needs, who may have trouble focusing on the task or sensing their need to go.

Ten Good Things About Not Toilet Training Your Child
Missing that milestone's not all bad. Here are ten reasons to be glad your child's still in diapers.

Your Toilet Training Strategies
Toilet training can be a challenge for any kid, but children with special needs may have a harder time than most getting with the potty programs. Sometimes the best tricks for getting the job done come from other parents who have been there, done that. If you found a strategy that worked for you and your child, describe it here and help another family find success.

Poll: When Was Your Child Potty-Trained?
When are children with special needs typically toilet-trained? The results of this poll may suprise you.

Potty Training Children with Special Needs
Toilet training information from the About guide to Pediatrics.

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