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The "No Pants" Potty Training Method


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Get Ready, Get Set ...
Potty Training
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Potty training a child with special needs is an adventure. Are you up for it? This No-Pants Method is what finally worked for my son when he was five years old. We only needed to do it for a few days, and he was trained both day and night. Though I think the techniques we used helped this happen with a minimum of mess, the most important factor was the first one here:

Make sure your child is ready.

No amount of parenting trickery or talent can beat the luck of trying this when your child just happens to be at the right spot developmentally. Read "Before You Potty Train Your Child" to be sure your child is really at a stage where he or she can benefit from potty training. If you're certain that it's your child's body that's telling you to start training and not just your therapist or teacher or mother-in-law, continue on.

Set aside a week to focus on absolutely nothing else but potty training.

No school, no work, no playdates, no outings, no visitors, no nothing. This is serious business for your child. Treat it seriously. If possible, choose a week during the summer or a period of warm weather, so that little bare bottom doesn't freeze.

Gather your supplies.

To make this "no pants" method work, you'll need:
  • A portable potty chair
  • A waterproof crib liner
  • A long T-shirt that covers your child’s private parts
  • "Pool shoes" or flip-flops
  • Loose boy’s swim trunks.
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