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Before You Look for Information on Tourette Syndrome


Sorting through the wealth of online information on Tourette Syndrome can be a daunting task. What's worth reading, and what's a waste of time? Start with this recommended list of resources to find the information you need to understand and help your child.

On this Parenting Special Needs site

There are lots of articles on this site of interest to parents of children with Tourette Syndrome, but these three will give you a good place to begin.

Around the About network

There's information on Tourette Syndrome all around About.com. Start with these three sites.

Just the Facts

These reference sites give good overviews of Tourette's diagnosis and treatment.

Tourette Syndrome Organizations

These organizations offer services and support to individuals with Tourette's and their families.

Dedicated sites

These sites focus exclusively on Tourette's and offer articles and other resources for parents and families.

Personal views

These sites from adults with Tourette's give first-person views and firsthand information about the disorder.

More on tics

These pages describe types of tics, and other tic disorders.

Tourette's for kids

Help your child and his friends understand Tourette's better with these resources designed for kids.
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