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Write a Review: Review a Learning or Therapy Technique

Have you tried Learning Breakthrough, FastForWord, Dore? Auditory integration training, biofeedback, Brain Gym? Have you found a technique that transformed your child, did neither good nor harm, or was a horrible waste of money? Share your experience with these techniques and therapies, and help your fellow parents figure out what's worth trying and what will disappoint.

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Describe the pros and cons of the therapy or learning program. Give specific examples of why you would or wouldn't recommend it.
Share what you most liked about this therapy or program.
Share what bothered you the most about this therapy or program.
Whether you paid in one lump or on a monthly or weekly basis, estimate how much the therapy or program cost in all.
Share whether your child willingly participated or fought the work.
Explain your part in the process -- did you help out, supervise home work, just sit in a waiting room and write checks?
If your child is doing this now, please put the date started. If this happened in the past, indicate the year.
If your child has finished with the therapy or program, share whether any initial success has lasted.

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