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All About Me Storybook

Reader Reviews: Review an App Designed for People With Special Needs

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By Tamara

All About Me Storybook

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iPhone or iPad App for People With Special Needs

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All About Me Storybook





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I bought this app for my son with down syndrome and found it to be helpful for all four of my children. The app is designed as a book with chapters that allow every photo to be customized with your own. It is a great teaching tool for children to learn all their pertinent personal information. We started with name, address, birthday, phone number and that is only a few of the categories you can work on with your kids. Although it takes some time to put pictures in and add text and audio if you need it for a non reader, it is well worth the time it took to enjoy my son's face when we go through the pages and he sees himself and can relate to the book.

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All About Me Storybook is available from the iTunes store.

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