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Reader Reviews: Review an App Designed for People With Special Needs

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By aysberg


ArtikPix Flashcard


ArtikPix Matching Game

iPhone or iPad App for People With Special Needs

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For children with speech issues, ArtikPix offers an engaging way to practice sounds and words at home. The app comes pre-loaded with a set of “th” sound flashcards, however 21 decks of flash cards focusing on various sounds are available for purchase of about $2.99 each. Children are prompted to practice the sounds which are presented visually, with a picture of the featured word, and with a voice recording. Children and parents also have the option to record their own voice saying the word so that practice becomes personalized.

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Terri Mauro, About.com Children With Special Needs, says:

You can get more information about and order ArtikPix on iTunes or the RinnApps website.

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