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Reader Reviews: Review an App Designed for People With Special Needs

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By Maria Dellapina


Erin enjoying eReadingToGo

iPhone or iPad App for People With Special Needs

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iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


Free, but I did pay $7.99 to get the whole series of books

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When I saw this program I knew my daughter would love it. It is so easy to use, I often walk in a room and find her using it instead of playing some game. And she is actually learning something from it. I showed it to her teachers who are telling everyone about it. I wish something like this was around when she was younger, imagine how much better she would be reading now.

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Terri Mauro, About.com Children With Special Needs, says:

eReadingToGo! can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. The free app comes with one book, with additional books available as in-app purchases. For more on the reading system the app utilizes, which was designed for visual learners and particularly children with Down syndrome, visit the eReadingPro site.

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