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iCreate ... Social Skills Stories

Reader Reviews: Review an App Designed for People With Special Needs

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iCreate ... Social Skills Stories

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iCreate ... Social Skills Stories

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iPhone or iPad App for People With Special Needs

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i Create... Social Skills Stories


iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad



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Well this app is one of the easiest apps I have used yet when it comes to making stories for my child with autism. I LOVE how simple it is to make a social story, just take a picture and add the info you want under the picture. My son loves pictures of himself or his family and I feel this makes him learn so much quicker. This is the first format that I found not to be confusing like so many other apps for making social stories. THIS IS A GOTTA HAVE APP if you need to make visual stories and make them quickly!

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iCreate ... Social Skills Stories is available from the iTunes store.

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