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Reader Submissions: Diagnose a TV Character With an Autism Spectrum Disorder


Have you seen a character on a TV show that you suspect should be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? Whether or not the character's creators have confirmed that diagnosis, go ahead and make your case here, and share your thoughts about the portrayal.

Dr. Spencer Reid of "Criminal Minds"

Yes. Reid is seen to have a close and evolving relationship with his co-workers as the character develops, confiding in the group about his mother and father. No evidence of life outside of work, but…More

Abed of "Community"

I think so. He is a very likable character. He doesn't have a lot of friends, but one or two good ones. His friends and classmates accept him the way he is and he is definitely a part of their inner …More

Phineas of "Phineas & Ferb"

I think it is a good portrayal of the awkward but brilliant behaviors typical of Aspie's. There is also an episode that shows how he grows up and has an amazing career/life. It gives a good example o…More

Brick Heck of "The Middle"

Yes, yes, Yes! He is described as being rather off-social yet still lovable. His less-than-social behavior doesn't become a deficit. The scripting shows how many NT adults also are a little not-into …More

SpongeBob SquarePants and Henry the Penguin

I'm an Aspie and I think both shows handle the character's differences wonderfully. Both Henry and SpongeBob live independently, have friends, jobs, and social lives. It's just a little bit different…More

Bob Melnikov of "ReGenesis"

I have always thought so. He was a fully realized character that had both strengths and weaknesses from his condition (and from the rest of his personality). I did find it interesting is that in some…More

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