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Reader Stories: Have You Chosen Homeschooling for Your Child With Special Needs?


Many parents of children with special needs are choosing homeschooling when traditional schools prove unable to keep their students safe and properly educated. Bullies, insensitive teachers, inadequate special-education services, and overall hostility from the system are all things that have caused parents of students with medical problems, learning problems, developmental disabilities, and other special needs to opt out and keep kids home. Parents who have made that decision can share their stories here.

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Homeschooling for Food Allergies

I use a classical approach (Well Trained Mind) coupled with homeschool coops for enrichment courses, making friends (for both child and parent!), field trips, and a local homeschool girl scout troop.…More

Education Tailored to Their Own Interests

We primarily unschool, which means child directed learning. My job is more to facilitate learning based on their interests and skill levels. We tailor each child's education to their own interests an…More

Homeschooling and Celiac Disease

We went through a homeschooling program from one of our local churches. They use the Abeka program. I really like this program, the workbooks are very colorful and hold my son's attention. He was ver…More

"I Want the Whole World to Be Her School"

Right now we are in the preschool years and we use a WONDERFUL & FREE website called Letter of the Week dot com among other support items like Kumon Workbooks and our community education programs and…More

Homeschooling for Deaf-Blind Child

Matthew has thrived at home with us providing an environment where he is stimulated to grow. Even with being non-verbal, he communicates through sign (ASL), hand-over-hand and pictures...or commonly …More

Homeschooling for Food Allergies and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

He has regained 5 lbs, he is happy. I wish people would stop talking so badly about homeschooling. I have homeschooled my daughter for the past for two years and she was a year ahead when she returne…More

Adapt Learning to Suit Your Child's Needs

We have tried multiple methods but are happily using an eclectic approach based on a classical learning style (from Living Books and Charlotte Mason) with some Montessori, self-directed unit studies …More

Homeschooling for NLD and Celiac Disease

We use Sonlight for reading, history, and geography. Teaching Textbooks for math. Easy Grammar and Spelling Power for English. For my oldest two, we use Apologia Science, and my youngest son does Son…More

Homeschooling Completely Changed Our Lives

We practice what we like to call relaxed homeschooling. We are fairly unschooly, but with a few "have to" things built in. We do use an online curriculum for the basics, and supplement with a bunch o…More

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