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Education Tailored to Their Own Interests

Share Your Story: Have You Chosen Homeschooling for Your Child With Special Needs?

By tiki

Child's Disability or Special Needs

Life-threatening Food Allergies, PDD-NOS

Age/Grade of Child When You Switched to Homeschooling


How Long You've Been Homeschooling

6 Years

Why Did You Choose Homeschooling?

Initially, we began homeschooling due to the school's complete incompetence in keeping our son safe. Why we continue to homeschool has almost nothing to do with the LTFA, and everything to do with how both kids are thriving.

How Are You Homeschooling?

We primarily unschool, which means child directed learning. My job is more to facilitate learning based on their interests and skill levels. We tailor each child's education to their own interests and learning style. We use just about every resource imaginable! Online sites, libraries, museums, co-op style classes and workshops. Most importantly, our community of fellow homeschoolers is the most vital resource for our whole family!


  • You know your kids and their needs better than anyone else. If you are an involved parent, you will be that way regardless of where (or how) your children get their education. For our family, the benefits go way beyond just educational style. It is a lifestyle choice too. All our children are special, and if you can give them the gift of a custom made education, the rewards will last a lifetime!

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