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Homeschooling and Celiac Disease

Share Your Story: Have You Chosen Homeschooling for Your Child With Special Needs?

By Mommy of a Celiac

Child's Disability or Special Needs

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 18 months of age. I believe he was born with it. He was always having tummy aches as a baby.

Age/Grade of Child When You Switched to Homeschooling


How Long You've Been Homeschooling

2 Months

Why Did You Choose Homeschooling?

My son age 5 started public school in August. Since he has celiac disease, I packed his lunch and sent snacks to school for him every day. It wasn't long before the problems started. He caught three colds back to back, then came down with a respiratory infection that was not responding to antibiotics. His classmates were giving him their snacks and telling him they were gluten-free, when in fact they were not. This led to him breaking out from dermatitis herpetiformus on his trunk and the creases of his legs. He missed five days of school in less than six weeks. So I decided it was time to take him home to school.

How Are You Homeschooling?

We went through a homeschooling program from one of our local churches. They use the Abeka program. I really like this program, the workbooks are very colorful and hold my son's attention. He was very bored with the same old black and white photocopy sheets they used in public school. I supplement his math with a first-grade workbook we picked up at Wal-Mart. We also use online learning sites for children his age. I try to pick science topics that he can learn from by doing experiments (he's a very hands-on learner).


  • I agonized over this decision for quite some time. Now, I can honestly say it was the best thing for my son and our family. He is thriving and excelling now when before it was like watching a flower slowly die. He was so sick and exhausted in public school and physically could not keep up with the all-day schedule. Now he has more time to rest, and I can closely monitor his diet. It was a very personal decision to homeschool. I met up with both supporters of my decision and opposition, but utimately it was what was best for my son and my family. I have learned so much about both patience and perseverance.

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