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Reader Stories: Share Your Child's Experience of Being Bullied Due to a Disability


Parents of children with special needs are bearing witness here of the bullying their children have endured due to their disabilities, by peers and by adults. We hope to create a testimony that can help others understand the scope of the problem and the toll it takes. Read these stories, then share your own.

Victim Penalized for Bully's Behavior

As both boys were in the same class I went to the school the next day. They put J in a different classroom (away from the teacher who got the most out of him) and had J stay in for recess to keep int…More

Five Years of Abuse, and the School Does Nothing

We went to the principal, wrote letters, and spoke to the school board. Needless to say, no further actions were taken. We were blatantly ignored due to the students being in special ed. We have docu…More

Bullied on the Bus

We reported it to the principal only to be dismissed. My child was considered the problem and that was that. We enrolled him in social skills training as well as bully management and karate. My son h…More

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