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Bullied on the Bus

Share Your Story: Share Your Child's Experience of Being Bullied Due to a Disability

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Age/Grade of Child at Time of Bullying

Age 6. Grade 1st

Child's Disability or Special Needs


Type of School or School Placement

Public school, regular Ed

Who Did the Bullying?

A child

What Happened

A child on my son's bus and another in the school very quickly figured out that it would be easy to get a response out of my child because of impulse control issues. On the bus, he was taunted by making noises in his ear until my child would shove the other child away. That child in turn would run to report my son the second he got to the school. My son always admitted shoving the other child and always reported that he was being taunted. The other child was never punished. My child received severe consequences on a regular basis. The instigators never saw any consequence.

How We Handled It

We reported it to the principal only to be dismissed. My child was considered the problem and that was that. We enrolled him in social skills training as well as bully management and karate. My son has since learned to forgive and move on. He is now 8.


  • I would have wired him if I knew how. I haven't much advice because sadly I wasn't able to help my own son. He had to endure both the bullying of another child and unfair treatment of administrator in the school. He expressed to his private counselor that he felt like he was all alone and nobody had his back. I cry just remembering those days. If there are cameras on the buses, ask for them to be pulled and reviewed. Our principal never did.

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