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Five Years of Abuse, and the School Does Nothing

Share Your Story: Share Your Child's Experience of Being Bullied Due to a Disability

By lele

Age/Grade of Child at Time of Bullying

7 years old, 1st grade; 8 years old, 2nd grade; 9 years old, 3rd grade; 10 years old, 4th grade; 11 years old, 5th grade.

Child's Disability or Special Needs

C.P., Intellectual Disability, ADHD.

Type of School or School Placement

Special Day Class -- Public School.

Who Did the Bullying?

A girl student and a boy student. No indication as to why girl student attacked my child and for the boy student, we were told it was a crush between my child and him.

What Happened

The 1st incident, my child's nose was bloodied on the bus and her hair pulled. The 2nd incident, my child was bitten, which resulted in a tetanus shot due to the bite mark being that deep. The 3rd incident, my child's pants were pulled down on the playground. The 4th incident, my child was choked by the hood of her jacket while sliding down the slide. These incidents are all by the same child over a course of 4 years. Another student has constantly pinched, kicked, and shoved my child for a period of 1-1/2 years. Nothing ever happened to say the least but a 1/2 day suspension for the 1st child and nothing for the 2nd.

How We Handled It

We went to the principal, wrote letters, and spoke to the school board. Needless to say, no further actions were taken. We were blatantly ignored due to the students being in special ed. We have documented all incidents that have happened for our records. We talked to our child and ensured that it is never ok for anyone to treat her as such and that she should tell whenever someone hurts her. We have also instructed our child to defend herself if one or any of the students try to harm her although we don't condone violence. It is important that our child learns that it is not acceptable to be treated or harmed in any way. My child has forgiven these 2 students but it is a constant reminder to her as she has to see them every single day. An IEP was held to document our concerns where we asked that these 2 students have no interaction with our child, period!! To this day, incidents still occur. We have decided to remove our child once the school year is over to another district. It is saddening that school/district personnel do not take bullying incidents seriously -- after all, we are entrusting these people with the safety of our child.


  • Document the incident -- date, time, and conversation.
  • Call an IEP to have it documented in the notes page.
  • Write letters to principal, district personnel, & teacher(s).
  • File a compliance complaint with the Dept. of Education.
  • If all else fails, hire an attorney for a possible civil rights violation.
  • Sometimes parents have to go to extremes just to ensure their child is safe at school and that adults are protecting them. We start at the lowest level when voicing our concerns til every avenue has been exhausted, and if that does not work, we have no choice but to file with an attorney or Dept of Ed.

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