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More Than Just a Messy Kid

Share Your Story: Tell Your Child's Hoarding Story

By whitewaters

How old is your child?


How old was your child when the hoarding started?


Does your child have a diagnosis?


What does your child hoard?

Odds and ends, stacks of books shes read atleast 3 times but doesnt want to donate or throw out, broken: toys, costume jewelery, pencils, pens thats she keeps so she "can use them for something else" i have caught her a few times going in the kitchen and bathroom garbage to keep empty floss container and empty toilet paper/paper towel cardboard rolls which I find stashed in her dresser or in her closet or under her bed, when I question why she goes in the garbage to get them she says she wanted to make something out of them but she never makes anything with them, she doesn't hoard food.

How have you handled the hoarding?

First I assumed it was her just being a messy kid, my oldest child is neat and organized so I assumed she would grow out of it, we've tried organization bins, talking to her, throwing out all the broken and ripped up stuff that she accumulates. We've shed tears of frustration because she doesn't know why she does this. Just today I warned her for the last week that she needed to clean up or mom will clean up for her and everything even toys and stuffed animals would be thrown out and she would only be allowed to keep her few most important possessions. Five garbage bags later and vacuuming her room looks spotless, but i told her i don't want to feel like I have to search her school backpack or count out every piece.of paper or pencil or pen she needs for homework, so after a lot of tears on both our parts I hope she can stick to keeping her room clutter free or me and her father will seek professional help for her because we are at our wits end in how to deal with this. She has no behavioral problems as far as being disrespectful or rude, she has healthy friendships and enjoys playing outside, at first i just thought she was lazy and didn't want to clean but now I'm convinced my child is a hoarder and she needs help.


  • I need advice, my child has medicaid which covers mental health but I'm scared my child will be labeled and dept of children and families will be involved and they do not have a good track record in my state.

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