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Biker Costume Makes Wheelchair Part of the Ensemble

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By sueellenholmes

Biker Costume Makes Wheelchair Part of the Ensemble

Note the working headlight, which is wired to a 9-volt

Biker Costume Makes Wheelchair Part of the Ensemble

Note that the PVC pipes slide onto the arm rests

Child's Special Needs

CP, MR, Hydrocephalus, Lennox Gastaut Seizure Disorder, Deaf-Blindness

What I Made

Biker Costume, which incorporated the wheelchair into the costume. This costume will now come with us on trips to the mall and the hospital, as it evokes a friendly response from others! Sometimes I feel like parents are afraid to let their kids ask questions or approach Jimmy, and this Performance Harley Davidson Motorcycle Wheelchair breaks that barrier. I took Jimmy to the mall to trick-or-treat, and people stopped to get their pictures taken with him. We also stopped by the famous Dinosaur BBQ Restaurant, which is a favorite spot of bikers, and Jimmy got his picture taken among them!!!!

How I Made It

I asked the people at Harley Davidson for an old pair of handle bars that I could zip-tie onto his wheelchair, but they came up with a better idea:

using PVC pipe, black paint, decals, a 9-volt battery, headlight, handlebars, mirrors, and a license plate holder, they put together a design where the painted PVC pipes slide on and off of Jimmy's wheelchair armrests. It is a genius idea!!!!

Tips & tricks

  • The mall is a great place to go to show off a costume, get treats, and stay out of the pneumonia weather that the Northeast is known for this time of year!!!!

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