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Pirate Costume That Incorporates Wheelchair

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By sueellenholmes

Pirate Costume That Incorporates Wheelchair

Sleepy Pirate, Jimmy Holmes, at the Mall!

Pirate Costume That Incorporates Wheelchair

Side View of Pirate, Ship, and Bounty!

Child's Special Needs

CP, MR, Lennox-Gastaut Seizure Disorder, Deaf-Blind

What I Made

A Pirate costume that incorporates the Wheelchair Into the Design!

How I Made It

* Costume intself was purchased from Disney Store - Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean!

* Treasure Chest is nothing more than a Huggie's baby wipe container spray painted gold with gold play necklaces in it! I glued on a "Keep Out" sign with skull & cross bones for the top, as well as a lock and side handles, which I found clip art for online.

* The mast of the ship is made of 3" and 1.5" PVC pipe, end caps, and a double-T PVC pipe fitting....all from Home Depot for under $10 total! I used gold spray paint that is made to paint plastic. I used twine to tie-on a black skirt of mine to look like a sail, tied on a pirate flag, and also a stryofoam skull and bird (with feathers)from Party City (a store that has party supplies).

* Finally, the ship is nothing more than masonite board that is staple-gunned together around the wheelchair, with brown duct tape around the edges covering the staples. There are two strings of styrofoam skulls from the Dollar Store draped and duct-taped to the sides, and two party invitations with skull-and-crossbones glued on, one for each side (from Party City). There is no bottom to the ship!

This really is very easy to do. Total prep time took one hour to make, and 30 minutes to dress-up prior to trick-or-treating. The longest time is spent finding just the right accessories and shopping for the items at 3 different stores, but I believe the outcome is worth it!

Tips & tricks

  • You can use a Big Mac switch that says "ARRRRRR" when pressed to add extra impact.

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