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Sweatshirts Become Easy Costumes

Share Your Story: Special-Needs Halloween Costumes

By Irene

Sweatshirts Become Easy Costumes

It works for adults too!

Sweatshirts Become Easy Costumes

The engineer costume was easy too!

Child's Special Needs

Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Motor Apraxia

What I Made

A shark, an imagination mover, a guitar (each in different years)

How I Made It

I attach whatever is required to a comfortable sweatshirt. I usually use felt. This year the guitar body is cardboard at his request. The shark had fins and the imagination mover required just patches.

Tips & tricks

  • Use regular clothes -- don't worry about their face. Make the holiday about FUN -- not what everyone else does! My son goes from house to house to see the neighbors' ceiling fans more than get candy and that's OKAY!

Terri Mauro, About.com Children With Special Needs, says:

Love the comment about the ceiling fans, Irene! My son would be happier seeing people's car keys than getting candy. For more ideas on turning sweats into costumes, see my articles on Costumes for Kids With Sensory Integration Disorder and Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

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