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Trike Biker Costume

Share Your Story: Special-Needs Halloween Costumes

By driver315

Trike Biker Costume

Girl Biker Costume

Trike Biker Costume


Child's Special Needs

CP, Chronic Lung Disease, Seizure Disorder, Severe Developmental Delays

What I Made

Trike Biker Costume. My daughter is not able to walk so this was something I could build for her that would be different and not just an outfit.

How I Made It

Used and old tricycle, gas tank, and handlebars I had. Also made a base out of wood to mount her special tomato foam chair on. Used some foam board to make it look cleaner. Then painted it all black with purple flames and some skulls on the back seat area. Bought her a Harley Davidson leather jacket and some tattoo sleeves to put on her legs.

Tips & tricks

  • I don't really have any tips and tricks. I am pretty good at making stuff so it wasn't hard for me. Maybe use material that you work well with and come up with a plan before you take on a project. Do a cost analysis because if I wouldn't have had most of the stuff it would have been a rather expensive project.

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