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Telling a Child He Has Asperger's

Share Your Story: How Did You Tell Your Child About His or Her Disability?

By JJHam1234

Age of Child at the Time of Telling

9 years old

Child's Diagnosis


How I Told My Child

My son was diagnosed when he was 9. We decided to tell him right away, because he already knew he was different than his older and younger siblings. I told him as soon as we left the doctor's.

How My Child Reacted

He was actually very relieved. He felt at least he now knew why he felt different and that it was perfectly okay. He embraces the fact that he has Asperger's, and his friends that have it as well he calls his "Asperger Brothers."


  • I feel it is all how you tell your child. It is not a defect, but simply a difference. It is not something to be ashamed of, but a way to explain to others who don't understand why you are different. He and I both appreciate the fact that he can get extra help and understanding because of his diagnosis.

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