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Reader Stories: Gifts for Teachers, Therapists, and Other Special People


It's not unusual for kids to give a gift to the teacher, but children with special needs may have a wider range of important people to recognize -- regular and special-ed teachers, therapists in and out of school, paraprofessionals, case workers, bus aides, the list goes on. Have you come up with a great idea for gifting all those special people, or a gift for one special person that reflects your child's personality and gifts?

Handmade Beaded Bracelets

This was my son's idea, because all ladies like jewelry. So sweet. We started paying attention to the colors his teachers and therapists wore frequently, and he found out that his classroom teacher's…More

Bag of Goodies

We did brown luch bags stamped with Christmas symbols. You could use the bags that are already decorated to speed the process. In the bag went a one popcorn packet, two packets of hot chocolate, two …More

Thank-You Visit

There was no "gift" per se. She wanted this very young teacher to know that she remembered how hard the teacher had worked to help her (and other students as well). The payoff for the teacher was see…More

Personalized Note Cards

We bought some blank note-card sets and decorated the fronts with simple thumb-print animals (birds, lady bugs, caterpillars, pigs). Both my daughters could make the thumb-prints, and my older daught…More

Personalized Candy

I measured the candy bar for an approximate wrapper size. I created mine using a "Table" in a Words document since I'm not that savvy at other programs. I made a 1 column table with three "rows." Adj…More

Personalized Picture Frame

We got some plastic frames on sale, took an old puzzle that had missing pieces and spray painted the pieces in holiday colors (gold, red, green, silver, etc.) Once they were dry we hot glued them to …More

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