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Lost in Holland

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Special-Needs Parenting Blog

By AliciaD_DrMom

Lost in Holland

Life With 4 Girls, One With Severe Special Needs

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Lost In Holland

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How Long It's Been Online

Since 2008

Why I Started

When I began my life as a mother of a child with severe special needs (to include autism and cognitive impairments) there were so many resources out there for newer mothers with young children. As my daughter grew older and became a tween then a teen, I found less out there with which I could relate. I had passed the stage of "adjusting" to our special life and moved on to the living. Adding three more children to our family also put me in the unique position of straddling two worlds -- the typical world of playdates and soccer games for my little ones and the "non-typical" world with my special child.

How I Do It

This is a personal blog that documents life's beauty, fun, and joy along with its challenges. While my experience as a mother of a child with significant special needs is the inspiration and "niche" for this blog, I write less about the daily details of her special challenges and more about how we live our lives fully and completely as a family. I try to capture universal themes about motherhood and discuss all aspects of our lives so that any parent can relate, but certainly those parents who understand the ups and downs of a child with a serious disabling condition will be able to see qualities of their life in my own.

I use pseudonyms for my four children and don't identify our last names. I do, however, include lots of photos. I'm careful as to what I disclose because I'm not just writing about my own life but also that of my children and I want to respect their privacy, both now and in the future. However, with writing I feel you need to be "real" and genuine. With that comes sharing personal information and feelings and you have to decide what is most comfortable for you. I suggest regular writing -- at least 3 times a week. I stick with "meatier" posts rather than short posts daily, but either works well. I avoid weekend posts completely -- that is family time!


  • Decide on your "niche" or "angle" and keep that your focus.
  • Use images -- if you do not feel comfortable posting personal photos there are numerous free images you can get online.
  • Make your blog's name the same as your URL and keep it simple.
  • Post at least 3 times a week. People who love what you write will simply forget to check back in if you are not writing often.
  • Read other blogs for inspiration.
  • Write great content but also keep it pretty and "professional looking."
  • Don't blog in a bubble. Build cyber-relationships with other bloggers. Networking is really what it's all about!

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