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Out One Ear

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Special-Needs Parenting Blog

By Linda Atwell

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Out One Ear

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How Long It's Been Online

Since August 2012

Why I Started

I am writing a book about how a special needs daughter changed my life. I'm shooting for a release date of fall 2013.

I wish I could say the journey of raising a daughter with special needs was all daisies and roses, but it has been a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes I'm a great mother, sometimes a horrible one. Most days, I fall somewhere in between. The book really encompasses the early years, up until she turned thirty.

The blog outoneear.com was a way for me to share "now" and "then" stories with readers, and maybe help others. Lindsey just married her longtime boyfriend. She keeps giving me more stories!

How I Do It

I blog when I have something to say or share, but try to blog 3-4 times a month. I know there are a lot of blogs addressing younger children. Mine addresses many of the issues that come when a special needs child is older. I have a blog on the first time my daughter had sex and am currently working on one regarding elective sterilization. My blog (as well as my book) are honest -- even when I (or my daughter) are not portrayed in the best light. I feel that is the only way to share. When I'm honest, I feel people connect. I often find out I'm not alone in this crazy, mixed-up world of raising a daughter with an unidentifiable syndrome.


  • I'm just getting started -- and like most mothers, I'm very busy. I like blogs that are easy to read and don't bombard me with a lot of other things. I hope my blog doesn't do that, but it's early. That could change. :-)
  • Right now, I'm inspired by About.com, Love That Max, Girl With A Cane. But I keep finding more and more that I like.

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