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Sam, the Conqueror

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Special-Needs Parenting Blog

By Nicky de Beer

Sam, the Conqueror

Sam, the Conqueror's journey with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

Name of Blog or Site

Sam The Conqueror

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How Long It's Been Online

Since June/July 2009

Why I Started

Our son, Samuel, was born 2 months premature and diagnosed within 24 hrs with a rare disorder called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. As our doctors knew little of the syndrome we resorted to seeking information off the internet and, although usually discouraged, this lead us to an RTS listserv consisting of other RTS parents all over the world and, in turn, to their own blogs which was my initial inspiration. Over time though Sam's blog has become not only a means of sharing our journey with other RTS families and others, but also an essential crutch in helping me embrace life as a special needs parent.

How I Do It

I try and blog as often as what Sam allows, usually about once or twice a week at least. I read a book once compiled by a group of special needs parents and, although I could identify with many of their stories, I felt that much of the content was fairly "sugar coated." Being a "new" special needs mom and not yet feeling as if we have found our rhythm in this new world, it helps sometimes to connect with others who have felt just as helpless and bewildered as what I sometimes do and so, I desperately want Sam's blog to be 100% R.E.A.L. without it being totally consumed with negativity and melancholy. I pretty much share everything on our blog, not only about Sam but about our entire family as we are, after all, all affected. I share a lot about faith as this is an important part of our lives, but hopefully in a completely unprejudiced manner. I try and post about things that would draw me to a blog, which is a good combination of down-to-earth authenticity regarding being a SN parent, some simple details of procedures, experiences, etc. for enlightenment and last, but not least, a helping of inspirational support in the way of quotes from scripture, poems, etc.


  • Many of the other RTS blog linked to Sam's blog have inspired me, particularly one called "Our Sonshine" and another called "A new kind of normal." I think the most helpful tip for a potential blogger would be to look towards quality vs quantity in order to keep followers reading, if that be your purpose but if the blog is primarily for your own pleasure or simply a means of chronicling your journey, then blog your heart out any which way you want :)

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