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By mmurasko

Special & Determined

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Special & Determined | A Special Needs Mom Blog

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How Long It's Been Online

Since January 2012

Why I Started

Our son teaches us to love and to have faith that all things are possible. He is making his mark on our community by spreading awareness, teaching that inclusion and acceptance of children with Down Syndrome is "cool," and I am determined to give him the voice and platform to do that. All things are possible when you believe, I learned that the day my son was born! This blog is to share about our everyday life as a family, while offering support and encouragement to mothers of children with special needs. I look to share my perspective of why being a mother of child with special needs is truly a blessing

How I Do It

I blog weekly and I share about my son's therapies, our family times, education, special needs and more importantly I help to spread awareness and advocate for children with special needs.

I ask for guest posts that are relevant to my niche and I keep a blog planner.


  • Be themselves
  • Know who their target audience is
  • Know what ii is they want to blog about
  • Be consistent

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