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ASAH is a not-for-profit organization of private schools and agencies in New Jersey which provide highly specialized services to more than 11,000 infants, children and young adults with disabilities.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1974, ASAH now serves more than 125 schools and agencies throughout the state.

ASAH works closely with its members and the New Jersey Department of Education to develop policy, promote effective educational practices, and foster productive collaborations between private schools, public school districts, and communities.

ASAH also advocates for legislative and regulatory changes that improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Resources Available

One of ASAH's roles is as a source and repository for information about special education services in New Jersey - for teachers and administrators, parents, school districts and state administrators.


Some of the resources ASAH provides:

Private School Placement Toolkit - ASAH can help parents and concerned educators make informed decisions about placement.

ASAH is an active member of the New Jersey Coalition for Special Education Funding Reform. Visit the Coalition's website for news and information about statewide funding advocacy.

A new second edition of ASAH's The Private School Option for Children with Disabilities: What Parents Need to Know, is now available. Call ASAH's Parent Assistance Line at 1-877-287-2724 for or see website for a free copy.

Changes to Your Child's Special Education Placement; What Parents Need to Know. A brochure from the offices of Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, Attorneys at Law. See Website.

Guide for Parents Considering Special Education Placement.

Download the recent issue of Parents Connection, a newsletter for parents of children with disabilities

Download the recent issue of Promising Futures, ASAH's newsletter for schools and school districts

Approved ASAH Technology Plans

Parental Rights in Special Education

Planning the Transition from School to Adult Life.

Outcomes of Approved Special Education Programs in the Private Sector

ASAH's report comparing the full cost to taxpayers of various special education programs


  • DIrectory of Private Schools
  • Free Advocacy Support Services
  • Private School Placement Toolbox
  • Information About Public Policy

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