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Sensory Planet

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Sensory Planet

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring a positive, purposeful and valuable social network community to those whose lives are affected by Sensory Processing Disorder.

Resources Available

Parents, Families, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Neurologists, Educators, Mental Health Professionals, Pediatricians and others will be able to benefit by sharing their successes or learning from the challenges of others.

By building a network that brings all of these resources together we will greatly strengthen understanding on an individual level as well as a community level. Come explore our planet!

We offer support and general discussion groups, resource sharing, blog and chat capabilities.


  • Once your membership has been validated (this usually occurs within 48 hours of registration), we suggest that you begin by joining our general discussion group, "All About SPD". We have groups for every state in the U.S. and additional groups for our members with professional designations.
  • Check out our Events page for local parent meetings too.

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