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Special Needs: The Film

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By Sharon Sowers

Special Needs: The Film

Watch the trailer, listen to the music, change the world

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Special Needs: The Film

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Gloworm Productions donates 10 percent to special-needs ministries and Special Olympics

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Brief Synopsis: One child out of every one hundred and five is born with some form of Autism. Special Needs is a heartwarming story for the loving families chosen by God to care for these children and all those with disabilities.

Special Needs is a feature film inspired by the families, including our own, that have been blessed.

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Our movie is used as a fundraiser for many special-needs ministries. Gloworm Productions also donates 10 percent to the Special Olympics. Special Needs is a feature film inspired by families who have been blessed with these children.

Scott and Sharon Sowers (Gloworm Productions, LLC) have been writing scripts and music since 1983. In 2009, they finally managed to produce their first film under their newly created production company, Gloworm Productions, LLC. Their first project was a personally inspired story, Special Needs. The parents of an autistic, mentally challenged child, they want to show the world that Special Needs Children are not a burden, they are a blessing. Their involvement in the special needs community has made this film not only a joy, but a blessing. It not only celebrates those with disabilities, it reinforces the need for all of us to realize that we all have needs, some are just more special than others. This is a sweet, simple, slice of life. People live their lives every day, all over the world, taking care of those with some form of disability. We need more acceptance and understanding. We need to spread the word. This is our song and this is is our goal. We can use all the help we can get to enlighten everyone.


  • Watch the trailer, listen to the music, change the world

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