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Too Creative Minds

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By Megan Dunsmore

Name of Website

Too Creative Minds - Special Needs Awareness Workshops

Address of Website


Local, National, or International?

West Saint Paul, Mn

Organization or Personal? Nonprofit or Profit?

Personal foundation to facilitate greater understanding and acceptance of special needs

Mission Statement

The goal of Too Creative Minds is to enlighten Junior and Senior High students, teachers, school staff members, church youth leaders and families to have greater understanding of those with disabilities. Understanding leads to compassion and compassion leads to friendship.

Resources Available

Special needs awareness workshops, special needs acceptance programs, limo to helpful sites with resources, books by and for special needs kids, Be A Champion workshops use exploration stations in order to help participants experience parts of what having a disability may be like.


  • Start with our home page to find out what we are about and what participants have had to say. look on our workshop page to see full descriptions of our workshops. We also offer resource links and books by and for special needs kids in our books and resources section. To set up a workshop click on contact us and fill out the form.

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