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By Jodee Kulp

Toolbox Parenting

Find tools to help your child and family

Toolbox Parenting

Deb Fjeld and Jodee Kulp offer creative strategies

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Toolbox Parenting

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Personal website developed by two moms who believe in the possibilities of atypical children

Mission Statement

A toolbox parent is a parent who is willing to reach out and discover new ideas and strategies to work with a difficult child. If you are struggling with behaviors in your home, we hope that you can find something here to help you.

Resources Available

Hammer and Nails: Are you looking for some new tools for your parenting toolbox? The Hammer & Nails section has what you need. Read strategies that have worked for other parents from topics from A to Z.

Tools: In the Tools section, Read current thoughts on medication use for children with mental health issues. Learn about complimentary therapies that may help your children. Read articles on how to apply for PCA services, Medical Assistance, and SSI. Check out links to valuable local MN organizations- organizations that help families. The Mom, I’m Bored Section lists fun activities for kids as well as a sport and activity section.

Bits and Pieces: Need a good med chart or life organizer? Download these and other handy forms. Check out the Educating Parents section and link into local trainings and conferences in the area.

First Aid: You hear the words- so why is it that you don’t act on the advice? Caring for yourself is the most important thing you can do for your family. Read about parents who have survived through serious illnesses and how it has affected their family with special needs children. Check out the section on self care and learn about available respite programs in MN.

Power Tools: Meet our Power Professionals. This section represents some of the best professional minds in the business of “kids”. Learn about their specialties.


  • Simply dig into our site - there are plenty of tools. The articles are short, bulleted, and great places to get your creative juices flowing in a new direction for your child and family. See all our great info at toolboxparent.com/SiteMap.aspx

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