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Reader Submissions: Tell Us About Your Special-Needs Website


The Web is full of resources for parents of children with special needs who are seeking information, services, and support. Readers who represent an organization with a website or have a personal website offer information here on the resources they offer. Check them out and see if there's something there for you.

Powerful Parent Advocates

The website includes a resource tab with fifteen topics from ADD/ADHD to Mental Illness to Tantrums. Each category includes books and website links with information on the topic. There is also an eve…More

The Advocacy Center

We invite you to visit our website calendar for a listing of upcoming workshops and conferences. Check out our news items to learn about opportunities to get involved, like public forums. We have an …More


TravelinWheels offers detailed accessibility information for lodging, restaurants, stores, transportation, attractions and tours, as well as information on medical services in the area. The travel in…More

Unleash the Hidden Talents in Every Young Adult

Videos that teach resilience, optimism, and positivity skillsBlog posts and articles for parents and educatorsVideo clips with messages that reframe the way we think about students who have special n…More

Special Needs Kids Info

This site tries to cover all the specialists a parent of a special needs child might need, such as: Developmental Pediatricians, Geneticists, Neurologists, Orthopedists, Gastroenterologists and other…More

Parenting Children With Health Issues

Our site offers plenty of free resources like articles, videos, audio, brochures, pamphlets, and more. We are also in the works of creating an "Ask the professionals" page where parents and caregiver…More

ARK Therapeutic Services

Ask a Therapist - this is one of our most prized features. It's often difficult if not impossible to get in touch with a website/company/manufacturer. We have tried to eliminate that barrier by invit…More

SPED Child and Teen of Greater Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts and New England Special Needs:- Workshops- Camps and Camp Fairs- Accessible Recreation- Parent information and support groups- Local conferences for parents, educators and speci…More


WonderBaby offers articles about raising blind and multiply-disabled children, a news blog that focuses on visual medical treatments and educational news, a Q&A forum where parents can ask each other…More

Life After IEPs

It's never too early or too late for parents to think about their child's life after IEPs. This site provides parents with information and resources they need to support their child's journey to a fu…More

Partners Resource Network

Our web site is designed to provide timely information and to link the visitor with other special education resources. Our intent and our hopes are to make a positive difference in the lives of infan…More

Special Needs Parent Zone

The Special Needs Parent Zone offers free resources and a discussion group where hundreds of families share information on inclusion, recreation, latest news, finding caregivers, taking care of your …More

Emily's Dance

Our site has much information on Sanfilippo posted by me and other parents. I also have listed several different sites on the left in her likes that would be of interest to anyone interested in Sanfi…More

Sensory Processing Disorder

This site was designed as a go-to place for the latest information about sensory processing disorder. The site includes the latest news articles, research pieces, general information on SPD, coping m…More

RandisArt.com -- Jonathan Waxman's Page

Anyone can email us at mvrlpw@yahoo.com with any questions or comments about any of our artwork. If it is addressed to Jonathan, I will share it with him. If you would like more information about how…More

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