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Readers Respond: Share Your Experience with Early Intervention in Missouri

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Are you a Missouri parent with experience dealing with early intervention in your state? Pass on your favorite resources, most effective strategies, and smartest parent-to-parent advice. Share Your Experience


First Steps was a remarkable program for all. Initially eligibility was based on current level of child function and especially diagnosis. Diagnosis allowed for a unique treatment plan. Diagnosis is no longer. Outcomes are based on worthless daily routines just like any young child. Treatment has gone from life-changing growth to a little chit chat called coaching which is worse than no coaching at all. Sadly lacking and dangerous. My second grandchild receives no treatment, only coaching. Early intervention is no longer in place. Disgraceful misuse of funds. Good providers are discounted in favor to brown nosing favorites who are specializes in nothing. Best practice is a joke for the convince of administrators and directories are unethical. Time to discontinue this mess and let families select real early intervention providers that embrace quality. I am removing my grandchild from this circus.
—Guest Jean Eason

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Share Your Experience with Early Intervention in Missouri

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